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We are a collaborative team of professionals

We are experienced in all forms of the branding spectrum from video production, photography, marketing, graphic design, web design, business collateral, branded products, large format graphics and such. The unique combination of professionals impact the results of how we capture and create visual marketing pieces that compliment your vision and branding. We are story tellers who will do research and showcase a piece that is well suited to fit what is needed. We know how to keep your brand consistent and unique to your own way.

Our History

Dolphin Graphics Media is a division of DGNC INC.

DGNC Inc., Dolphin Graphics, is a full-service branding agency located in the San Francisco Bay Area - The Design & Marketing Company started in 1986 and with the rapid growth of technology and the evolution of digital marketing, along grew Dolphin Graphics which expanded it's avenues to cover all spectrum of branding our clients. We work with and are experienced in every medium to ensure that we can maximize your brand exposure.


Our Location

Dolphin Graphics Media
17200 Foothill Blvd.
Castro Valley, CA 94546